Coffee Pricing

As simple as this sounds, sometimes, some coffee communities are left short because of fluctuating prices in the coffee market. This is dictated heavily by our customer requirements, however, not only will we strive to maintain fair prices but we’ll look to improve the amount of certified coffee we buy too. 


2024 Target: Offer sustainably priced coffee as the first option for all of our customers. 

Being Good Neighbours

So, we’ve developed a program of origin trips, to visit the coffee farmers at the source. Each time we go to origin, the farmers and their families are extremely generous in supporting our visit. Therefore, we've developed a unique neighbourly initiative of paying towards their hospitality.


2024 Target: Pay a £100 per person hospitality fee’ for every farm our team visits at origin. 

Origin Investment

One of the first steps we’ve taken to implement this initiative is to develop a partnership with World Coffee Research (WCR). It's an organisation we’re proud to support and our 2019 donation is the start of a long-term partnership. To read more about our partnership, visit our blog or visit World Coffee Research website to learn more about them. 

2024 Target: Improve the quality at each origin by looking at a program to support yield and farmer livelihoods.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Each strand of our CSR strategy, delivers on as many of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as possible. The coffee community objectives we have set, deliver on these 13.