International private label coffee

Currently 30% of our coffee is being exported to countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our international success has been recognised as we were awarded the number 1 position in the Sunday Times International Track 200 in 2018.

Our team of Q-Graders and coffee buyers, source and blend coffees which meet the tasting profiles of the targeted country or region. Together with our Technical department, packaging will be designed which will not only be of outstanding quality, but will also be in compliance with required regulation.

We are located ten minutes away from the international harbour of Hull. From here our coffee will be shipped around the globe. Our technical team make sure that all required documentation and certifications are available for shipment to our customers.

Read about our customer success stories and why we're their coffee roaster of choice or contact our international sales team to discuss the opportunities for your business via the contact form below. 

International Coffee Sales

Ewelina Kowalczyk, Sales Executive

After working at Lincoln & York UK headquarters for over ten years, Ewelina took an opportunity to run the sales function in Poland. Ewelina is responsible for looking after existing customers whilst also seeking new business opportunities. 

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