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Coffee, Carbon and Consumption: How to Sip Sustainably


With more than two billion cups of coffee drunk around the world each day how can we make our daily cup of joy more sustainable?

Five reasons coffee prices are on the rise - and what’s coming next


Rising costs of energy, utilities, raw materials and freight are pushing up prices across the board - but what specific challenges are facing coffee? And how can we keep the cost of the daily cup of Joe from spiralling?

London Coffee Festival 2022. A trends report


London Coffee Festival 2022. A trends report

Coffee & Chocolate - The Perfect Pairing


To celebrate the perfect pairing that is coffee and chocolate our coffee experts have come up with some suggestions to try…

Safi Coffee – inspiring a generation!


Safi Coffee – inspiring a generation!

Annual Fairtrade Fortnight, 21 February to 6 March 2022.


Certified Coffee and Fairtrade Fortnight

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