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London coffee festival 2023…the L&Y round-up


In April the team headed to London for this year’s Coffee Festival – and we wanted to give a review of this amazing event. Four days of some of the biggest and best names in coffee with food, music, demos and classes…

Tastes like coffee. What is cupping, how do we do it and why? 


Coffee has to be sipped, savoured and scrutinised at every stage to fully understand the flavour profile and how it behaves. That’s where cupping comes in; the act - and art - of tasting coffee.

Fairtrade Fortnight all year round at Lincoln & York


We think it’s really important to see where our coffee comes from, and to speak to the people who help produce it. And this Fairtrade Fortnight we’ve taken the opportunity to showcase some of our Fairtrade partners…

My big coffee break


Apprenticeships are more interesting than you think – and there is so much more out there than just the traditional construction or engineering apprenticeships, for example have you ever heard of a coffee apprenticeship?

10 Christmas Coffee Tips and Tricks


Christmas means many things to many people, but it will come as no surprise that at Lincoln & York, Christmas means coffee. For us in the UK, a mug of hot sunshine from Brazil, Costa Rica or Colombia is the perfect way t

Cuppas with a kick: A guide to the tastiest hard coffees & how to make them


A nip in the air calls for a nip of the hard stuff, so it’s time to warm your cockles with a quick guide to boozy coffees.

Coffee, Carbon and Consumption: How to Sip Sustainably


With more than two billion cups of coffee drunk around the world each day how can we make our daily cup of joy more sustainable?

Five reasons coffee prices are on the rise - and what’s coming next


Rising costs of energy, utilities, raw materials and freight are pushing up prices across the board - but what specific challenges are facing coffee? And how can we keep the cost of the daily cup of Joe from spiralling?

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