One of the first steps we’ve taken to implement our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is to develop a partnership with World Coffee Research (WCR).

If you’re unfamiliar with this organisation, you can visit their website and uncover their ideas, ethos and identity. However, we’d like to outline below why we chose to work with them and the values which are important to not only our business, but the coffee industry too.

Rebekah Kettrick, our coffee buying manager, added that, “supporting work at origin that focuses on improving quality, yield and resilience to climate change is a key part of our ongoing CSR commitment. World Coffee Research’s global and collaborative approach made them an obvious choice of partner for us.”

World Coffee Research

As a pre-competitive charity who look at varietals and the future of coffee and climate change, it was easy for us to associate our CSR objectives to the great work this charity does.

With a philosophy of “grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it”, it aligned with what our employees voted to be included in our CSR strategy.


Shared Strategy

Our regular trips to origin and investment at the source are at the centre of what we do. By investing more time and energy into the coffee farms and coffee farmers, we are able to provide them with the tools, skills and knowledge to better their livelihoods, as well as the quality of their crop.

WCR recognise the coffee farmers as “stewards” who manage and guarantee the ongoing quantities and quality of the coffee. Without them, “we lose  the future of the industry”. This really resonated with us and cemented our want to be in partnership with such a like-minded organisation. 



Similar to ourselves, the WCR team want to work with like-minded people, teams and organisations who all share a passion for coffee.

By working closely together and sharing our experiences, we can, together, have a global impact. By connecting the coffee industry, its producers and cutting edge coffee science, we can stall the threat of: climate change, low yields, diseases & pests and the barriers to true, quality coffee. A sustainable and bright future is possible, if we all have the same goal.


Problem Solving

Since the 1960s global coffee production has been driven by two countries: Brazil and Vietnam. Other origins are struggling to keep up and compete leaving farmers and communities at risk. Fewer farmers means less origin diversity. This would be a crying shame for the industry as well as the livelihoods of hundred of coffee communities too.

WCR recognise that climate change is putting unprecedented pressure on farmers and the landscape. In conjunction, the demand for coffee is continuing to rise, therefore it’s important to understand as much as we can agriculturally in order for our land to maximise productivity for a sustainable future. To help combat this, WCR are the only organisation on the planet applying advanced agricultural science to coffee. 


Our Vision for the Future

As a coffee roaster, we rely heavily on a regular supply of coffee. Without it, our customers do not get their products and coffee consumers do not get their coffee! So, anything we are able to do to help alleviate constraints on the coffee supply chain, we’re aligned with.

For a consistent supply of quality coffee, a combination of resources and technologies need to be spread strategically. The more industries, companies and charities (like WCR and ourselves) that can share this vision, the more sustained success we can all share.