All I want for Christmas is cold brew

Cold brew coffee has been touted to become the number one, refreshing, summer alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks, but we don’t see it as a one season wonder. Not at all.

The luxury of Black Eye Cold Brew is that it is unrestricted and adaptable. So, as much as it can be a cool and unquestionable thirst quencher on a sizzling hot summer’s day, it can be as familiarly flavoursome in a variety of other forms too, especially at Christmas.  

This Christmas, we’re urging you to keep faith and rekindle your love for the festive season by adopting and sharing our love for cold brew’.

Cold brew is coming to town

Drinking coffee has become a very communal occurrence. Social hubs are literally evolving out of town centres. Coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and hotels are all accommodating a modern society taking influence from coffee’s health benefits and wide range of offerings, all whilst they collectively search for the next big coffee trend.

One current trend is the rise in the popularity of cold brew coffee. Therefore, to us, it’d come as no surprise if Black Eye Cold Brew rose to the top of your Christmas lists too, particularly when you consider the benefits.

Black Eye Cold Brew contains 0% sugar. Given that Christmas is a time when we all allow ourselves to indulge, this fact gives you complete peace of mind whilst unwrapping your eleventh After Eight of the evening.

Black Eye’s brewing method encourages the natural sweetness of the rich, dark chocolate notes to surface, reducing the overall acidity and bitterness as it does. But fear not, Black Eye Cold Brew still has enough tantalising, tail-wagging caffeine to tranquillise even the most avid of coffee addicts.

Furthermore, Black Eye Cold Brew can be served stand alone over ice, through a nitro tap (for added depth and texture), as well as a mixer in mocktails and cocktails – giving you every reason to deck the halls with Black Eye Cold Brew this Christmas!

Have yourself a merry little cold brew

Firstly, when discussing alcoholic beverages, it’s important for us to declare that Black Eye Cold Brew is for life, not just for Christmas. Secondly, we must encourage you to drink responsibly.

That being said, we’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to our creative cocktail menu, in the form of our Christmas-themed concoction – The Turbo Ginger G&T.

With this cocktail, we wanted to take a trending alcoholic beverage (safe to say 2018 has been the year of gin), combine it with Black Eye Cold Brew and give it a Christmas twist.

To make it, here’s what you will need:

Black Eye cold Brew

Tonic Water

Gingerbread Gin Liqueur

Rocks Glass

Crushed Ice

Gingerbread man/biscuit

Blood Orange

For best results, our serving suggestions are:

1 part Black Eye

2 parts Tonic Water

1 part Gingerbread Gin Liquor

Simply add crushed ice to a rocks glass, pour over the Gingerbread Gin Liqueur, add the Tonic Water and finish with Black Eye Cold Brew. Add a squeeze of blood orange and place a slice on the edge of the glass and serve with a ginger biscuit on the side.  

Make Christmas magic again and ‘Unleash The Brew In You!’.