To celebrate the perfect pairing that is coffee and chocolate our coffee experts have come up with some suggestions to try…

Dark chocolate with dark roasted malty, earthy, coffees from Sumatra, Java or Papua New Guinea; or an intensely nutty coffee of Brazil or Indian origin.

Milk chocolate with sweet and smooth caramel and nut forward coffees from Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica or India; or a coffee with notes of stone and fried fruit such as a washed Rwandan.  

White chocolate with light, bright, fresh citrus coffee’s such as washed central Americans (Columbia, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala or Costa Rica) or washed Ethiopians; or an indulgent fruity coffee such as a naturally processed African or Latin American coffee combining the intense sugary sweetness of the white chocolate with the intense fruity flavours of naturally processed African coffees.  

Why not give one of these combinations a try…trust us you won’t be disappointed.