A nip in the air calls for a nip of the hard stuff, so it’s time to warm your cockles with a quick guide to boozy coffees.

And we aren’t just talking Irish coffee. Perky liqueurs, alcoholic digestifs, decadent treats for cocktail hour… there’s a caffeinated concoction for all tastes. And to bring you a little snifter of joy, we’ve rounded up our favourite recipes for alcohol-based brews, a delicious accompaniment to chillier days.


Winter Warmer

An excellent accompaniment to wintry walks. This comforting elixir is made for frosty days, especially those in need of a little extra fire.


·         120-45ml hot coffee (Lincoln and York’s Fired Up range is a perfect choice, packed with morning oomph)

·         22ml Kahlúa

·         22ml Grand Marnier

·         22ml brandy

·         125g whipped cream

·         Orange peel


1.     Add the Kahlúa, Grand Marnier and brandy to the coffee and stir lightly.

2.     Singe the orange peel (a lighter is the easiest way) and drop into the drink.

3.     Top with the whipped cream.

Espresso Martini

An irresistible classic, the espresso martini is smooth and sophisticated, perfect for pepping up a tiring evening out.


·         50ml Kahlúa

·         100ml vodka

·         50ml espresso

·         50ml water

·         100g golden caster sugar

·         Handful ice


1.     In a pan, stir together sugar and water and bring to the boil (this makes the sugar syrup). Leave to cool.

2.     Measure out 1 tbsp syrup and shake with the Kahlúa, vodka, espresso and ice.

3.     Pour into a glass to serve.

Hard Mocha

Indulgent and creamy, hard mocha is a chocolatey treat with just a dash of hootch for extra warmth. Welcome to grown-up hot chocolate.


·     60ml hot coffee (we recommend Lincoln and York’s Get Up and Go range for its chocolate and orange notes, enhancing the drink’s character)

·       237ml milk

·         28ml Kahlúa

·         14ml vodka

·         2tbsp cocoa powder

·         125g whipped cream

·         Marshmallows (optional)


1.     Add the milk to a pan and heat until steaming.

2.     Take the pan off the heat, add the cocoa powder and stir well.

3.     Stir in the coffee, Kahlúa and vodka.

4.     Top with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Bavarian Coffee

If gingerbread and cinnamon sticks aren’t your thing, enjoy festive flavours with a refreshingly minty Bavarian coffee.


·         15ml peppermint schnapps

·         15ml Kahlúa OR 45ml Tennessee whisky

·         150ml hot black coffee (a great choice is Lincoln & York’s Guatemala range, with its berry and chocolate hints)

·         43g whipped cream

·         1 tsp sugar

·         1 tbsp grated chocolate


1.     Gently stir together the coffee, sugar, peppermint schnapps and Kahlúa/whisky.

2.     Top with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

Tippled Iced Coffee

If you prefer your coffee chilled, this spirited version will hit the spot with its smooth, creamy finish and stand-out flavours.


·         30ml milk OR double cream

·       60ml coffee

·         30ml Kahlúa

·         Handful cubed ice


1.     Fill a tall glass with cubed ice and pour in the coffee.

2.     Stir in the milk/double cream and Kahlúa.

So there you have it. The most fabulous of coffee-based tipples to keep you in fine fettle this festive season. Now go forth and add a little kick to your cuppa!


Remember, alcohol and caffeine is a combination best enjoyed in moderation, so always drink responsibly