Don’t get me wrong, everyone is looking forward to ‘returning’ to normal with 65% of people voting out of home dining & gathering highest on the list of things to do once emerging from isolation (Kantar, 2020). However, here’s a few things you could be doing in the meantime to help you along the way.

Does your current approach still work?

Usually the common phrase is ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, with a shift in consumer behaviour and restrictions from the Government, now is a good time to review your current business model. This may be around adapting your marketing message and which channels you’re using, to workflow challenges and how the business as a whole operates.

Longer term implications will form from this including digital importance and having an online presence (see Rave Coffee on point 6 here). A digitalised business model will not only ‘become the norm’ but will give a brand the ability to measure, predict and react to an ever-changing climate. A recent study from Kantar suggested that the changes in China will make an impact permanently with more online consumption and use of technology (Kantar, 2020), is now the time to see what an online strategy might look like for those that stay online?

As we adapt to working from home, new behaviours will form, some of which may stay for the long term once it becomes ingrained. Businesses with positivity and a community culture will be valued in the long term and therefore brand reputation and how you react is vital.

Kantar Claimed Media usage - 2020

Don’t do nothing.

With the majority of businesses in a strange, challenging and difficult position, not doing anything can equally have a negative impact on your business. When the time comes to re-open and we’re back to some sort of normality, you want to be on the forefront of consumers’ mind. As people’s financial situations may have been affected throughout this period, consumer spending habits will no doubt change for some. What you do during this time may influence where people decide to spend their pennies in the future.

Brands need to continue to advertise, but not in an exploitative or insensitive manner. Your message shouldn’t shy away from the current situation but create content that reflects what’s happening in the world and ensure messaging is appropriate to the current climate.

Use this as a time to focus on fact-based social engagement as this is seen most useful during negative outcomes. By understanding consumers’ concerns and providing practical and realistic initiatives, this can help consumers in their everyday life. By using your knowledge to explain and inform can also help reduce anxiety. As we turn to online platforms and social media channels, you need to cut through the clutter now more than ever as online media consumption increases.

Have you considered recyclable packaging?

Taking the positives of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have now been given a head start to continue looking after the planet. We’ve seen pollution dramatically reduced along with nature re-entering areas you’d never of thought. It seems we’ve been given an opportunity and is the perfect time to do what we can to reduce environmental impact. While, it might not seem ground-breaking, it’s a step in the right direction.

Lincoln & York Recyclable Film

See this as an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone

It’s very rare you get down time at work, so now seems the perfect time to make the most … of time.

If you’re finding it hard to get motivated or keep busy, use this time proactively to think about how you can come back stronger. Is a retail option or eCommerce platform right for your audience? Do you need more focus on at home occasion marketing?

Here are a couple of ideas to keep you constructive:

  • Donate your product or services to help the local community, but only if this doesn’t put you or anyone else at risk.
  • Find out how you can sell your products online by setting up an e-commerce platform, going onto an existing e-commerce platform or selling through social media sites
  • Social media competitions give the public something to engage with and a light-hearted pick me up
  • Plan and write content, blogs, posts for supporting consumption of your products at home and when the economy picks back up
  • Be prepared and make sure you’re stocked up on coffee (for yourself and your business). Ensure you’ve got enough stock to fulfil the floods of crowds that come out of self-isolation.

It’s an uncertain time for us all, but we are in this together. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your account manager here at Lincoln & York or email for advice and guidance during this time.

Let’s stay solvent, optimistic and healthy.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash