Our New Ready-To-Buy House Range

If you are looking to purchase some good quality, certified coffee but are unable to meet those often high minimum order quantities, why not choose from the new and improved Lincoln and York ready-to-buy house range which includes; coffee beans, cafetiere sachets, Easy Serve Espresso pods and tea-bag style coffee bags. We have improved the look and taste of the range and we can't wait for you to try it!

Paying homage to our heritage

The Lincoln & York Roastery is situated on an old RAF airfield in North Lincolnshire which was in operation during both the first and second world wars. Each product in the new coffee range is named after the site's history whether that be the year the airbase was built (1916), certain aircraft (Halifax) or the name of the squadron that were based at Elsham Wolds (33).

The Range

Our new ready to buy coffee range includes our most popular products including ground coffee, coffee beans, coffee sachets, Easy Serve Espresso Pods and Coffee bags. All the products in the range are either Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade certified. Not sure what to go for? Discover the full range below...

Coffee Beans (500g):

  1. Halifax Decaf Beans
  2. Wellington Blend Beans
  3. Kahawa Blend Beans 
  4. 1916 Blend Beans
  5. 33 Blend Beans
  6. Brazil Yellow Bourbon
  7. Pegasus Blend 

Coffee Bags (7.5g):

  1. Halifax Decaf
  2. House Blend
  3. Colombia Blend 

Espresso Sachets (7g & 14g):

  1. Halifax Decaf

ESE Pods (7g & 14g): 

  1. 1916 Blend 
  2. Halifax Decaf

Filter sachets (60g): 

  1. Blenheim Blend 
  2. Farnam Blend

Cafetiere Sachets (18g):

  1. Halifax Decaf 
  2. Colombia 

Fully Recyclable Packaging

We are proud to say that most of the products in our new coffee range are supplied in fully recyclable pakaging. The high-barrier films were designed to keep the roasted coffee fresh and to preserve its delicate aroma & flavor with the same twelve month shelf life as traditional coffee film. The films are metal-free and their formulations are suitable for recycling through the recycling stream in the UK for LDPE and certified using the OPRL scheme.

To shop the range, visit our online trade portal