In contrast to last year, attendance at this year’s London Coffee Festival will see a singular stand unite Lincoln & York alongside 2018 debutants Black Eye Cold Brew.

Situated at stand T01, on the first floor, provides both brands with a prime position to showcase what they have to offer to over 30,000 industry experts.

What's on the stand?

This year earmarks 25 years of roasting coffee, for Lincoln & York. Therefore, a stand has been designed to highlight how the company has evolved, by demonstrating their heritage, expertise and innovation. Register here for your FREE trade tickets (Thursday & Friday only).

Lincoln & York:

Flavourful Fun

An element of educational interaction has been added to the stand, this year, with a fully functioning flavour wheel.

Dubbed as a ‘tasting station’, the purpose of the flavour wheel is to help audiences understand and appreciate the complex flavours of coffee, depending on its origin. From sweet and savoury to fruity and floral, the flavour of the coffee beans are attributed to the harvesting, processing and drying methods used in each region.

Bags of Flavour

The coffee market has displayed a demand for an instant, premium tasting coffee and Lincoln & York have delivered. ‘Quality coffee in an instant’ is the slogan behind their innovative coffee bags; allowing coffee lovers to capture a coffee shop experience on the go!

Available to brand with your own logo, in a variety of colours, these coffee bags allow businesses to upgrade their coffee offerings, by meeting the demands of the consumer.

From Bean to Cup

A  lot of people are unaware of the meticulous processes the coffee cherry undergoes on its adventure from bean to cup. Yet, coffee drinkers, and suppliers, are beginning to ask the questions, to gain a better understanding of their products.

As experts in sourcing and roasting, Lincoln & York are able to take customers on that journey, by showcasing the varying methods and techniques it takes to deliver each unique coffee flavour.

This is a chance to soak up some knowledge you can use to inform your customers how each and every stage of the process carries a crucial aspect in enhancing the flavour profile of the coffee.

Black Eye Cold Brew:

Unleash the Brew

Despite soaring popularity in the US, cold brew coffee is only just making its way into our high street coffee shops.

The idea of converting people from consuming their typical hot coffees, to drinking a cold version, may seem attractive in the warmer months (replacing sugary fizzy drinks) but Black Eye Cold Brew is here to remind you that it’s for life and not just summer.

Hotels, restaurants and pubs are looking to Black Eye for its versatility and health benefits. It’s ability to be served stand alone over ice, (with a dash of milk or cream), through a nitro tap for added silky textures, as well as a mixer in a cocktail, opens up plenty of avenues to market. Coincide this with the a simple to store, 10 litre bag-in-a-box concept including a ViTop tap for quick dispense, and you can begin to understand why cold brew is in demand.

Another flagship feature has to be how Black Eye still delivers the same tail wagging caffeine levels as a filtered coffee, and delivers a natural sweetness, despite it containing 0% sugar.

Brew your own

Brewing cold brew at home has also seen a surge in popularity, and to help appease the advocates, Black Eye Cold Brew will be encouraging you to brew your own cold brew with their own brewable bags!

This overnight offering allows for cold brew consumption on the go, without the need to carry a container load with you everytime you leave the house.

25 years of roasting coffee

Although the heritage, expertise and experience of Lincoln & York speaks for itself, it’s wonderful to see their willingness to adapt. By acknowledging and embracing the ever-changing coffee market, whilst maintaining their ethos, should make for an exciting few days at the London Coffee Festival.

Each year sees new trends evolve and explode onto the coffee scene. Despite Black Eye Cold Brew being in its infancy, Lincoln & York could be barking up the right tree with this one. Moreover, by meeting the demands of the more educated coffee consumer, now they are able to showcase their incredible knowledge of their products to an actively engaged audience.