Do you remember last year when we celebrated our ‘Super Six’ for attributing a century of service between them? Well, that gave us an idea to recognise and champion our staff on a more regular basis.

Similar to many businesses, we have people come and go, but impressively, we have a cohort of loyal staff who stay committed and propel us to new levels each and every year.

This year we’ve presented 29 individuals with awards for 5 or more years of service. In total they have over 300 years of service between them! We’re overwhelmed by this figure and it makes us extremely proud to have such a dedicated workforce.

Each individual plays their part. From Danny in the warehouse to Lucy in the office, the tight knit community they create, along with a willingness to support one another, is admirable.

Such an ongoing commitment only drives us forward and compels us to strive for improvement.

Once again, thanks to each and every member of our staff force, our customers and suppliers for their contributions each day - without you we wouldn’t be where we are today!