It has to be human nature which encourages the desire within to help the less fortunate. Well, whatever it is, it’s an integral part of striving towards equality.

Similar to many businesses, we recognise our own fortunes and often look to give back, if and where we can.

Our commitment to supporting our local and wider communities is deeply rooted in our company ethos and can be reflected in the video below (one of our more recent projects with Hull Collegiate School and Safi Coffee).


Lincoln & York Roasts Safi Coffee from Jonathan Richards on Vimeo.

Safi Coffee is a not-for-profit organisation lead by a team of students at a local school in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

After embarking on a school trip to volunteer at two schools in Uganda, in 2015, the students felt compelled to help the community who showed such warmth in their welcome and hospitality.

The area identified for potential, after drinking multiple cups of the stuff, was the unique and memorable taste of Ugandan coffee. Initially, the plan was to somehow bring that exclusive African flavour to the UK and return the funds to help support the coffee community.

After witnessing first-hand the poverty displayed through children working barefoot on farmland, using dangerous tools, the students quickly realised how such little money could do so much more and revolutionise the educational opportunities for the South-West Ugandan children, as well as sustain jobs for the farmers who grow and cultivate the coffee beans there.

Upon hearing about the student’s endeavour to make such a project become a reality, Lincoln & York partnered with the school and showed support by offering to store, roast and package the beans for the aptly named ‘Safi Coffee’.

Safi Coffee had been engineered into a brand by the entrepreneurs at Hull Collegiate School; demonstrating their ability to create a strong identity through creative logo and packaging designs as well as marketing the coffee through various channels.

If you’ve taken the time to watch the video above, you’ll have learnt how our MD, James Sweeting, champions this sort of project. In fact, he was left so inspired that he decided to double the donation, alongside the original costs incurred.

It’s a unique product which we, as a business, can be proud of. There is a level of transparency for all involved, allowing everyone to see the impact and ongoing success of the work in Uganda.

In turn, on the home front, it benefits the students, the school and us, in our own communities; we get to work together, collectively, to help improve both our operations. This alone is a success story and reason to celebrate, away from the incredible work being carried out over in Uganda.

Since the project began in 2015, the Safi Coffee team has gone on to make an impact in the coffee industry as well as gaining recognition for its tremendous efforts.

Lincoln & York, as a company, will always look for opportunities like this, to work closely with communities here and abroad, ultimately improving the coffee industry and the lives of those closest to it.