Given that there is now a global effort to reduce emissions, with the UK delivering a government plan to cut greenhouse gas to almost zero by 2050, it’s a case of acting sooner rather than later. 

With that in mind, here at L&Y, we’ve recently completed our Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Our plan includes ways in which we will become more sustainable and environmentally responsible but also includes other areas where we feel we can make greater contributions. 

That being said, we’re excited to see the impact of the next 5 years, whilst working to our 2024 targets

Local Communities

In the past, we’ve often looked for opportunities to get involved with our local communities, both at home and abroad, particularly if the chance arose to work with young people. 

  • Young People 

Moving forwards, we’re determined to work with more local educational institutions, to help support initiatives that encourage the skills and confidence required to gain employment. 

2024 Target: Ensure our workforce is 10% apprenticeship trained. 


  • Charities

Continue to work with our nominated local charity, Lincolnshire Air Ambulance, undertaking further fundraising opportunities and events to raise money and add longevity to the phenomenal work they do. 

2024 Target: Complete 100 charity days, each year, across our entire workforce. 


  • Local Events

We want to become more aware of, and show our support for any local events surrounding us. Be it sports teams and their fixtures, or other events championing our area (North Lincolnshire) - we’re looking to get involved!

2024 Target: Create an annual calendar of activities supporting our local sports teams and events. 

Coffee Community

This is something we’ve always held in high regard. We’ve seen first-hand how dependent some areas are on the production of coffee. Entire communities rely on the trade of coffee to survive. Therefore, it’s imperative that we ensure we’re maintaining strong relationships, as well as improving how we work together, in any way possible.

Kenya coffee Workers
  • Fair Prices

As simple as this sounds, sometimes, some coffee communities are left short because of fluctuating prices in the coffee market. Not only will we strive to maintain fair prices but we’ll look to improve the amount of certified coffee we buy too. 

2024 Target: Offer sustainably priced coffee as the first option for all of our customers. 


  • Good Neighbours 

Being a good neighbour is about looking after one another. So, we’ve developed a program of origin trips, to visit the coffee farmers at the source, with a unique neighbourly initiative of paying towards hospitality. 

2024 Target: Pay a £100 per person hospitality fee’ for every farm our team visits at origin. 


  • Origin Investment 

Another way of giving back further to the coffee farmers and their communities is by investing in technologies and infrastructures which will help with coffee growing performance and production. 

2024 Target: Improve the quality at each origin by looking at a program to support yield and farmer livelihoods.

Our Environment

To remain in line for the government's 2050 targets, we’ve set some of our own ambitious environmental targets, to push us all along. We’ll be hoping to resolve some big issues across our entire business, within the next few years.

  • Use Plastics

By 2022, through working with key suppliers, we’re confident we will have removed all single-use plastics from our business operations. 

2024 Target: Zero single-use plastics.


  • Recycling & Reusing 

The UK is an underperforming country, when it comes to this. That’s why we’ve developed a policy throughout the business which enforces recycling and the reuse of our packaging as a zero waste to landfill initiative. 

2024 Target: 100% of our packaging to be recyclable. 


  • Renewable Energy

A sure fire solution for saving energy in the future is to invest in renewables; we’re no different. The first steps will be to reduce the amount of energy we currently use before making the switch to a renewable energy source by 2021. 

2024 Target: 5% reduction in our energy usage per annum.

Lincoln & York’s Commitment 

By collaborating with the United Nations, we’ve made a commitment to deliver on as many of their 17 sustainable development goals as possible. The graphic below should help you identify where we are looking to hit many of the objectives. 

If you’d like any further information on the above, you can visit our CSR page. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch and speak with one of our team.