In August this year, we launched our company CSR targets. Amongst them was a focus on sustainability and environmental commitments.

A key area we want to address, with immediate effect, is our packaging. Recyclable packaging, especially when it comes to plastics, is something all manufacturers should be addressing.

The dilemma for most organisations is often down to practicality and price. Finding a solution that suits the environment doesn’t always suit business. However, if we move forward collectively, these solutions will become more viable.

Practical Plastic

Plastic has resolved a lot of inconveniences for our planet. It’s transparency reveals the colours, textures and appealing elements of the products, which predominantly help them to sell. It’s flexible, adaptable and durable.

Consider shrink wrap, squeezable bottles or plastic bags - they all serve their purpose well by protecting and enhancing the performance of products. Not to mention the resistance to chemicals and oils - plastics are ideal for all kinds of packaging solutions.

Problematic Plastic

Alongside the practicality of plastic come the more problematic issues. There is now a global awareness (rightly so) of how plastic is damaging our environment.

When you stop and think about the amount of plastic in your home alone, you may begin to appreciate the problems we face. From food containers and coathangers to toys and wire coverings, it’s everywhere. This makes it that much more important to have recyclable plastic, for when we’re ready to dispose of it.

Recyclable Plastic

The more eco you go with plastic, the more it costs. Regardless of that, here at Lincoln & York, we’ve opted to introduce a low density polyethylene (LDPE) to our packaging line.

A lot of manufacturers are already using LDPE plastics in the UK because of the fact that it disintegrates much quicker than typical plastics used for packaging.

LDPE is a number 4 plastic. Plastics are categorised in a way which helps us to understand the toxic chemicals used or how biodegradable they are. You will often find these categories, in a triangle, on the bottom of a bottle, for example. Ultimately, they determine the safety of the plastic.

LDPE plastics can be recycled into numerous new types of products and is a key factor as to why we have chosen it for our packaging.

Lincoln & York - Adapting to Change

To help us achieve our sustainability targets, we will have to think about the long-term whilst implementing change in the short-term.

By choosing to upgrade the film element of our packaging, we can move forward knowing that a lot of the coffee we package will be eco-friendly.

Although the packaging currently has a 9 month shelf life, we are progressing in shelf-life testing against our current products to try and extend this. Having said that, we are encouraged more so by the recyclable element of the packaging, encouraging our customers to be more proactive and environmentally responsible. 


To begin with, we will be providing all of our customers with three colour options for their environmentally friendly packaging. Options will include: white, black and kraft film.


In terms of sizes, you will be able to select from 1kg, 500g and a 60g filter sachet.

To enquire about your packaging options, please get in touch