The Safi Coffee Story

Safi Coffee is a very special initiative that was founded in 2015. Led by Tranby School, the Safi Coffee team raise vital life changing funds to educate children in Uganda.

The Safi Coffee story started following a school trip in 2015, where some pupils were volunteering in the South-West region of Uganda and they saw first-hand the challenges the children were facing, unable to access education and trapped in a cycle of poverty, working the land. They wanted to do more to help children in Uganda access education, and so Safi Coffee was born.

Today, Safi Coffee is a social enterprise selling coffee grown around the schools in Uganda that the pupils visited back in 2015, with all proceeds going towards supporting children’s education. It costs £180 a year to fund a child’s education in Uganda, including accommodation, food, uniform and healthcare. Read more about the Safi Coffee story here.

The project is run by pupils from Tranby School, Felsted school, Newstead Wood School, Highgate and Silcoates School, who are involved in all aspects of running the business from designing the logo and packaging, through to managing the accounts and day to day management of the company.  


Why buy Safi Coffee?

The word Safi means “pure” and “fresh” in Swahili, and it’s this pure intense flavour that comes from the 100% Arabica single origin coffee beans they use from Uganda.

Picked at Gorilla Summit Coffee Plantation in Kanungu, the rich organic soils and traditional farming techniques all contribute to the exceptional Safi Coffee flavour.

Safi Coffee offer a range of products and accessories, which can be purchased at various retail outlets across the UK or through their website here.  


Our partnership with Safi Coffee

At Lincoln & York we are extremely proud to be the sole roaster and packer of Safi Coffee, which plays an invaluable role in the development of coffee communities in Uganda. We see our relationship as a true long-term partnership and will continue to support the Safi Coffee team however we can, sharing our passion and knowledge about coffee with the pupils to help them develop and grow the Safi Coffee enterprise, which in turn continues to raise vital money to help the children of Uganda.