New Breakfast Coffee

By demonstrating the scale of opportunity through market data, we created a 100% Arabica product, specifically for their target market and to align with their new breakfast offer. Carrying out primary research through in-store visits and questionnaires allowed us to engage with their customers, understand the consumer needs and fed back the responses to the business.

A handful of sites were trialled before successfully rolling out to the full estate, proving the quality and consistency of our coffee against the competition. The new coffee resulted in a 40% up lift in in-store coffee sales (customer EPOS data), without pushing marketing activity.

Given the scale of the retailer, training all staff before the roll out could have been a challenge, however we chose to embrace technology and supported the new coffee launch by providing a branded training video. Not only was this the most efficient way to train as many members of staff in a limited amount of time but ensures consistency and quality coffee across all sites.