Karen Yates-Hills

Favourite thing about your job?
Every day is different, every day I learn something new and I’m working with great people who are really passionate about coffee

How do you take your coffee?
I love a ‘whatte’…. Kieran makes it for me and it’s a unique flat white and a latte combination!

Best place you’ve ever ‘bean’?
This is difficult as I love travelling. Vietnam was probably my overall favourite – the smiling people, crazy traffic and the food were simply fabulous and the Kopi Luwak coffee wasn’t bad either! However I do hold a soft spot for Barbados, especially the beaches, fish frys and the reggae.

Favourite quote?
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" – Neale Walsch

Tell us something not many people know about you!
I grew up in Vienna & that is where I learnt to ski and speak German