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The Latte Pour

Private label coffee for coffee shops with discerning customers

We understand that as an independent or small coffee shop, you need high quality private label coffee, in the right quantities to ensure freshness. You need a variety of popular and more niche flavours, to allow you to excite and delight your customers.

Our Online Trade Shop can help; allowing you to try small quantities of premium, private label coffee, before deciding on your perfect selection of beans, with the option to save your choice for fast re-ordering the next time round.

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Pourover Coffee

The right quantity of private label coffee to suit your needs

There is no need to worry about the problems associated with too much coffee: order reasonable quantities to serve the demand of your coffee lovers, without worrying about your coffee going stale.

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Coffee Roasting Small batch

Conveniently reorder from us as and when you need to

One of the biggest joys of coffee is the variety of roasts to explore. With our Online Trade Shop, you can do exactly that: tailor the mix of roasts you would like from our range and once you know which selection hits the spot with your customers, you can save this to save valuable time when you come to re-order.

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